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This is a private tracker, and you have to register before you can get full access to the site. Before you do anything here we suggest you read the rules! There are only a few rules to abide by, but we do enforce them! Violaters can get warned or even banned!


  • User information
    • I registered an account but did not receive the confirmation e-mail!
    • I’ve lost my username or password! Can you send it to me?
    • Can you rename my account?
    • Can you delete my (confirmed) account?
    • So, what’s MY ratio?
    • Why is my IP displayed on my details page?
    • Help! I cannot login!? (a.k.a. Login of Death)
    • My IP address is dynamic. How do I stay logged in?
    • Why is my port number reported as “—“? (And why should I care?)
    • What are the different user classes?
    • How do I add an avatar to my profile?
  • Stats
    • Most common reasons for stats not updating
    • Best practices
    • May I use any bittorrent client?
    • Why is a torrent I’m leeching/seeding listed several times in my profile?
    • I’ve finished or cancelled a torrent. Why is it still listed in my profile?
    • Why do I sometimes see torrents I’m not leeching in my profile!?
    • Multiple IPs (Can I login from different computers?)
    • How does NAT/ICS change the picture?
  • Uploading
    • Why can’t I upload torrents?
    • Add the proper information when uploading a torrent
    • How do i make a torrent to upload?
    • Can I upload your torrents to other trackers or sites?
  • Downloading
    • Why did an active torrent suddenly disappear?
    • How do I resume a broken download or reseed something?
    • Why do my downloads sometimes stall at 99%?
    • What are these “a piece has failed an hash check” messages?
    • The torrent is supposed to be 100MB. How come I downloaded 120MB?
    • Why do I get a “Not authorized (xx h) – READ THE RULES!” error?
    • Why do I get a “Not authorized – You may only connect to X torrent – READ THE RULES!” error?
    • Why do I get a “rejected by tracker – Port xxxx is blacklisted” error?
    • What’s this “IOError – [Errno13] Permission denied” error?
    • I am getting a error message from tracker, what does it mean?
  • How can I improve my download speed?
    • Do not immediately jump on new torrents
    • Make yourself connectable
    • Limit your upload speed
    • Limit the number of simultaneous connections
    • Limit the number of simultaneous uploads
    • Just give it some time
    • Why is my browsing so slow while leeching?
  • Why can’t I connect? Is the site blocking me?
    • Maybe my address is blacklisted?
    • Your ISP blocks the site’s address
  • What if I can’t find the answer to my problem here?
    • Make sure your problem is not really in this FAQ. There’s no point in posting just to be sent back here.
    • Before posting read the sticky topics (the ones at the top). Many times new information that still hasn’t been incorporated in the FAQ can be found there.
    • Help us in helping you. Do not just say “it doesn’t work!”. Provide details so that we don’t have to guess or waste time asking. What client do you use? What’s your OS? What is your network setup? What’s the exact error message you get, if any? What are the torrents you are having problems with? The more you tell the easiest it will be for us, and the more probable your post will get a reply.
    • And needless to say: be polite. Demanding help rarely works, asking for it usually does the trick

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